Vosloo //

Family, We Live. We Laugh. We Play. We Love.  

Lourika //

“My dear little one you were made with love, you are destined for greatness.”  

Lunè //

“Twinkle Little Star One Year Old Is What You Are.”

Lihan //

” Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older. ”

Fourie //

“We didn’t know we were making memories. We were just having fun.”

Benja & Scheske //

“I will let them be little, fill their hearts with laughter, help them grow wings, nurture their sense of wonder, inspire them to believe, and love them like there is no tomorrow.”

Janica //

“Well, little princess, your reign over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year.”

Haasbroek //

“It’s always better when we’re together…” ~Jack Johnson

Aldu //

Even though they don’t stay little for long, they will always stay in your heart ❤️