Alice in Wonderland {Styled Bridal Shower}

“ALICE She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME And she grew so tall, She ate from a plate called EAT ME And down she shrank so small. And so she changed, while other folks Never tried nothin’ at all.”

This styled shoot was an Alice in Wonderland inspired bridal shower. It took place at Buenos Aires Wedding venue near Bothaville in the Free State. True to Alice in Wonderland, we did not have a strict colour scheme. We mixed and matched all the pretty things we already had. By doing this, you realize that you can DIY without worrying about the outcome. For the table setting we used different plates and crockery. Using what you already have in your home does not only save you money, but looks fresh and modern. My assistant, Elize Potgieter, did the flowers by simply arranging it in a tea pot. The cupcakes in the teacups looked amazing and also served as welcome gifts for the guests. We had so much fun with this shoot. The talented Lindy did an excellent job with the make-up. The magic touch was added with the beautiful dresses, all designed and made by Terina Bekker. 30CINDYLOUWRENS 29CINDYLOUWRENS 28CINDYLOUWRENS 27CINDYLOUWRENS 26CINDYLOUWRENS 25CINDYLOUWRENS 24CINDYLOUWRENS 23CINDYLOUWRENS 22CINDYLOUWRENS 21CINDYLOUWRENS 20CINDYLOUWRENS 19CINDYLOUWRENS 18CINDYLOUWRENS 17CINDYLOUWRENS 16CINDYLOUWRENS 15CINDYLOUWRENS 14CINDYLOUWRENS 13CINDYLOUWRENS 12CINDYLOUWRENS 11CINDYLOUWRENS 10CINDYLOUWRENS 09CINDYLOUWRENS 08CINDYLOUWRENS 07CINDYLOUWRENS 06CINDYLOUWRENS 05CINDYLOUWRENS 04CINDYLOUWRENS 03CINDYLOUWRENS 02CINDYLOUWRENS 01CINDYLOUWRENS Vendors/ Suppliers: Photographer: Cindy Louwrens Fotografie Website- Facebook Page- Assistant: Elize Potgieter Wardrobe: Terina Bekker Website- Cupcakes: Elize Groenewalt Facebook Page – Make-up Artist: Lindy Ebersohn – 082 066 4373 Venue: Buenos Aires Website- Hair Stylist: Carien Potgieter – 076 565 6540 Models: Sonja Du Preez & Carien Potgieter Stationery: Cindy Louwrens

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